Woof and Hoof focuses on pro-active and preventative care as part of a holistic approach for the canine and equine community by providing a professional, reliable and effective service. The founder of Woof and Hoof, Minda Blake, has spent her life with dogs and horses and for the past 40 years has been life's student in human, canine and equine biomechanics.

Minda is passionate about the extraordinary benefits that Natural Therapies offer and is keen to educate owners to consider her services as part of their animals' holistic health care. Minda works along side a number of veterinarians with her post surgery rehabilitation programs and works cooperatively with a broad range of canine and equine owners to positively influence the holistic wellbeing of their animals.

Minda is highly respected for her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and biomechanics and offers a range of Canine and Equine Therapies to provide the most effective outcome for your animals.