Fanny - New Forest Pony

Fanny is a 4 year old New Forest pony.

2 months ago, Fanny was returned to her owner from being leased because of ongoing lameness in her right front leg. Fanny had gone lame several months prior and had been treated with anti-inflammatory medication. Following the injury, Fanny continued to be ridden and had her front hooves trimmed back at the toe because she was not extending her shoulders forward. Several days after her return, Fanny's owner had xrays taken of the leg because the inflammation had not reduced at all. The xray identified a fracture in the splint bone. It was later reveled that Fanny had been worked in very deep sand, which probably caused the fracture.

An existing client, Fanny's owner understands the benefits of massage and asked me to treat her to help with the healing process. Following veterinary advise and several weeks of confinement, I started massaging Fanny. Because she had continued to be ridden with this injury, the muscle compensation had already taken its toll on her body. The entire right shoulder region and leg muscles were hard and contracted with multiple knots present. The neck, shoulder and lumbar region on her left side was also starting to harden and contract. Because of confinement, her lymphatic system was affected, causing a build up of fluid throughout her entire system. Fanny's first treatment consisted of gentle massage to stimulate the lymphatic system, lubricate the fascia and start to soften the hard, contracted muscles.

Her owner said Fanny laid down following the first massage and for several days after the treatment, the inflammation in her injured leg has reduced. With the owner working gently over the injured leg each day to assist with fluid drainage and further massage treatments to promote fresh oxygenated blood into the effected muscles, Fanny has started to move around in a larger space and is on the road to a full recovery.