Latte Beaumont

Latte Beaumont's people first contacted me in May 2010.

At this stage Latte was a thirteen year old Golden Retriever who was sufferring pain due to arthritis in her hind legs.

Myofunctional therapy assists with the pain of arthritis by promoting toxin release from the affected joints, allowing joints to become more fluid in action and softening and stretching muscles that had been compensating for restricted joint movement. Latte compensated a lot with her shoulder and neck muscles due to the pain and reduced muscle mass in her hindquarters, essentially pulling herself around with the front half of her body.

Following the initial 3 sessions with Latte, her owners reported she was more energetic and able to move around with less effort. As her treatments continued, Latte’s hindquarter muscles; gluteal mm., femoral biceps m. and semitendinous m. improved in strength and function due to the increased blood flow through the muscle fibres. By softening and stretching the muscles through her neck and shoulders, Latte was able to more effectively use her entire body and improve her body balance and range of movement. During the time I treated Latte, she suffered from Canine Vestibular and Laryngeal Paralysis, both conditions more common in older dogs.

Massage helped Latte rebalance and regain her spatial awareness following the effects of the Vestibular, and working with post surgery techniques after the Laryngeal Paralysis, massage promoted healing through her throat and neck to achieve a full recovery.

I was privileged to have treated Latte, a strong willed dog who loved life and through massage was able to better enjoy her last years.

RIP Latte.