Nelda - Thoroughbred Mare

Nelda is a 6 yr old Thoroughbred mare starting her fourth racing preparation. Nelda has struggled in the past with incorrect front hoof balance, where she was walking on her toes. This imbalance placed extreme pressure on the muscles through the shoulders and forelegs, causing hypertrophy in the deltoid m., cervical trapezius m. and brachial triceps m.. The foreleg extensor mm. were hyper-extended due to the position of the front feet.

When I first met Nelda, her attitude was defensive due to the discomfort she was experiencing and the range of movement through her shoulders, withers and neck was significantly restricted. Over the past 5 months Nelda's progress has seen a significant improvement in the size, texture and function of her shoulder muscles and range of movement. Her attitude has become more positive and she looks forward to the treatments.

Nelda will continue to receive monthly treatments to further improve and maintain the muscle function and to reduce the risk of injury.